Multi-brand store Bungalow opened its doors in the centre of Stuttgart in 2006. This is where international luxury brands such as Acne Studios, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Escada and Montblanc congregate to have access to fashion and design-conscious men and women. Customers can also shop online.

 What does your strategy look like as regards staying up-to-date with established brands while simultaneously always keeping a lookout for something new? It mostly depends on the brands themselves – up-to-date is a theme just like a brand’s loyalty, but the fundamental question of “Is the brand a good fit with Bungalow?” is also important.

How intensively do you engage with the brands’ philosophy and stance: production conditions, sustainability, etc.? Is it still possible to ignore these aspects in any case? I find this issue very interesting and it’s becoming increasingly important. We already take it extremely seriously in our online shop with regard to transport links, packaging, etc.

What are you doing yourself to be more sustainable and/or to generate greater awareness in general? For at least eight years now we haven't bought any fur-trimmed pieces and, generally speaking, we have never bought fur. We also try to steer completely clear of angora.

In respect of trends and innovations, how can we succeed in capturing the zeitgeist in such as way so as to avoid trailing behind the brands but also not get ahead of the customer? This is precisely the challenge. The key thing is that you remain true to yourself and your customers. If you’re chasing every trend you run the risk of always being comparable.

How do you attempt to build a connection with your customers and to retain them, too? The most successful and best form of communication is face-to-face! Naturally, you can also send the occasional photo via WhatsApp or e-mail to tell people about new pieces and looks. You only become truly credible by having a conversation in person, however.

Which energy are you aiming to embody within your store and pass on to your customers? Definitely positive energy! We are honest, reliable, warm and reputable, and we genuinely appreciate all of our customers. Like in a well-managed hotel we want to perceive and fulfil needs – and do this on top of our core business.

What’s your favourite trend at the moment? What gets the thumbs-down? Favourite trend: black! Anything goes – no need to always follow a type!