Our communication team member Khira has experienced many seasons of PREMIUM GROUP. This September she celebrates her five year anniversary with us. Read on below to find out what her highlights were this season and what a true Berliner gets up to...

Home is...

Prenzlauer Berg.

What was your highlight of S/S 20 trade show?

I really loved the easy but dynamic vibes we had during the shows this summer. Even though there were a lot of appointments and work to be done, the team vibe made it a fun experience. I always look forward to the outstanding styles at our shows, and enjoy seeing people celebrating their identity through clothing. Our Think Tank panel talk was a good step in the right direction and I’m happy to see how awareness grows around sustainability.

How long have you been at PREMIUM GROUP?

Five years.

Who is a true Berliner to you?

I guess… ME!

Summer hang-out Spot?

On the rooftop in the pool.

What´s the worse style in Berlin during the summertime?

A leather biker outfit. Man… isn’t it hot down there?

Your form of transport?

I’m a Super Hero Bike Rider. I’m always riding my bike, no matter what.

Have you ever had a run-in with the police?

Absolutely, when I was a teenager. For example this one night with the graffiti boys…

Last drink you ordered?

I overdid the brown Mezcal that one night – since then I’m actually not drinking anymore; that was 6 months ago. Before that you could find me at 8MM bar.

Sunday activity in Berlin?

Family brunch, books and movies, a long walk in the Volkspark Friedrichshain and a late night sauna session afterwards.

Where did you buy your last shoes?

At Overkill/Schlesisches Tor. I went for the Converse Chuck OX with the flames on the side. Or was it the Nike Air Max 270 React I got online? A pair of fresh new Dr Martens just came in too… Pretty clear though: I ALWAYS have new shoes.

What makes Berlin so special?

I think it’s the most honest city I’ve ever been too.

Kebab or Currywurst?

Because I grew up in Berlin, I’m not that excited about these anymore...

I am a loyal customer to...

Essential Oils from Young Living.

Your biggest extravagance?

100% Lover! That’s for sure.