Our newest member of our PREMIUM GROUP PR team, Lisa, answers the big debate whether it's Currywurst or Kebab and where to get the best manicure in town.

Home is...

Kreuzberg. Just a few years ago I couldn’t have imagined that one day I would move there but now I really love it.

How long have you lived in Berlin?

I’m from Berlin. Not long ago I lived in Munich for five years but I came back here. So I guess the answer is: Very long.


I’m the newest team member at PREMIUM GROUP since March. But it feels like I’m here for ages because the atmosphere in the office is super trusted and familiar.

What’s your perfect day in Berlin?

It depends. The perfect day can be: Walking through the city, drinking coffee, shortly moving onto wine and ending with a nice dinner with friends. But then there are also days where I can stay in bed all day long (not even getting up for food – yes, I will have it there) and I’m the happiest person.

Best Kiez?

Hard to say – and that’s a good thing about Berlin. There are so many good Kiezs. But if I have to make a decision maybe Graefe-Kiez.

What would you do if you were Mayor for the day?

Parking everywhere randomly! They can do it, right? BTW it also scares me that I’m not planning on any political activities to save Berlin but c’mon – they can park everywhere!

Your biggest extravagance?

I have to minimalise my taxi rides. I know it but I can’t make it! I always take a taxi. Even when people tell me it’s super easy to go by train to this and that place I find really stupid excuses like: „But I think taxi drivers are really interesting people and I love to talk to them.“. Mostly it’s not true.

Berghain or Kitty Cheng?

The typical reaction of someone from Berlin would be: „Both clubs are not working! No, I would never go there.“. But the ugly truth is: On Saturdays you are at Kitty and on Sundays at Berghain.

Summer hang-out spot?

I love to sit outside of the Olivio at Schönleinstrasse with a glas of wine. It’s a small, very honest Italian place which has just a few tables outside – but one is always free.

Where not to go on a first date?

Anywhere you can eat. In this case I’m a bit strange for sure but do you know the situation when you ask something, he starts to answer the question but then in the middle of he sentence he  shovels food in his mouth and you sit infront of him and have to watch him chewing because you still wait for for the answer? That kills me.

Best beauty treatment in Berlin...

In regards to facials or somthing like that I couldn’t decide and I’m not going to a specific one all the time. But now when summer is right around the corner and you have to think about mani- and pedicure again, clearly Glowy Bar in Mitte. I’m really sensitive when it comes to that but these girls are crazy good.

It’s 38 degrees in Berlin, how do you beat the heat?

With cool drinks. Or you go to one of the very beautiful lakes in Brandenburg. But in the city? Sometimes the sprinkler in my parent’s garden helps.

Kebab or Currywurst?

Both! Fun fact: when I was young my mum owned a Kebab bistro and sold Currywurst there as well. So you can say I was raised never being able to decide between these two.

Sunday activity in Berlin?

On sundays I embrace my inner 80 year old me and really need coffee and cake. It’s not working without. I really like Zazza for that in Kreuzberg.

What is Berlin style to you?

When I still lived in Munich I was just in Berlin during the weekends. I would have said then that there is a certain Berlin uniform. Especially when you are out at night – in bars and clubs – there are noticably many people who wear #ALLBLACKEVERYTHING. But since I’m back, being involved in the everyday-life again, taking the U-Bahn I couldn’t generalize it anymore. Mostly casual-cool but with a little twist which makes it very interesting.

What’s the worse style in Berlin during the summertime?

When people don’t were shoes anymore! There are so many of them. Sorry, but what is wrong with you?!

Last drink you ordered?

Frosé at Beuster Bar. I will never drink anything else anymore.

Fashion Week is around the corner. What are you looking forward this season?

It’s my first Fashion Week at PREMIUM GROUP so this is actually what I’m looking forward the most. Until now I was just a visitor at all trade shows or an exhibitor at SEEK. It’s really exciting to look behind the scenes. I’m also looking forward to see everything we plan right now realized. There will be a lot of new things this season and I’m super curious how people will react.