PREMIUM’s Evolution

We herewith present the evolution of our PREMIUM trade show concept that has resulted from Europe-wide studies of fashion retail and market analyses by the PREMIUM GROUP. As of January, the hall plans will be redefined and the segments mixed. New brand realms will be created and arranged in a fresh way within the eight halls at STATION-Berlin based upon pricing, image, positioning and distribution strategy. 

The focus will be on the key look of each collection. Each brand has to present its key style, a key item or story on its booth accordingly. The aim is to capture and retain buyers’ attention, to inspire them and actively initiate a dialogue. It is critical and absolutely essential to include an appropriate presentation on what the brand stands for, the story it wants to tell and what makes it unique. Booths should look inviting and appealing in order to promote a dialogue at the stand itself and to encourage visitors to stay for a longer period of time. Conversations should take place where the brand stories are told and where trends are displayed. Face-to-face is powerful!

We see this new concept as an invitation, so that together we can create the opportunity and best-possible conditions for successful business! Emotion doesn’t start with the end consumers; it starts with the direct exchange between the industry and retail.

We are looking for a successful partnership.


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