“It’s a people‘s business!”  “It’s a people‘s business!”
“It’s a people‘s business!”

Another Souvenir is not only one of the top agencies in Germany, but has also been one of PREMIUM's most loyal partners and closest friends for years. Founded in 2014 by Tommy Wieler and Vanessa Baroni-Wieler, the agency successfully specialises in accessories and special product collections.

The focus is on brands with NOS programmes that can take orders year-round and deliver immediately to respond quickly to market and retail fluctuations. The focus is on the dealers and the relationship with the customers. From 17 - 19 January, they will be at PREMIUM with Vanessa Baroni and at SEEK with Steamery. We asked the business and married couple a few questions in advance.

What would you like PREMIUM for your 20th birthday?
Success, very special endurance - and that you continue to redefine yourself every season.

What is your best PREMIUM memory?
Our best experience is definitely that we got to know each other during the trade fair in Berlin. And of course the numerous great and wild parties.

What are you most looking forward to this January?
We are particularly looking forward to showing the collection of our own brand Vanessa Baroni. For the first time in a long time with our own, large booth. We're building a real world - that's going to be exciting. We also look forward to old colleagues, friends, partners, and customers. This will be a big get-together that has been denied to us for a long time due to Corona.

What can personal encounters do that digital exchange cannot?
In our industry, personal cooperation counts. It's a people's business! In the digital world, it is difficult to convey what makes a person tick. Personal meetings can be remembered forever, whether positive or negative - this is not possible at all in digital exchange. That's why a platform like a trade fair is very important for the industry to exchange ideas face-to-face.

Which content would you be most interested in at a conference organised by PREMIUM?
Brand or product awards or a business stage with exciting discussions on all topics related to the industry. Those would be interesting additions to the fair.

What can Berlin do that no other city can?
Berlin is always exciting, there is always something new happening here: Berlin is the only German city with a big city feeling and an international flair.

What are you definitely taking with you to Berlin?
Headache pills :)

Where and how do you relax after a hard day at the trade fair?
After the trade fair is before the trade fair – that's when our work really begins. But we are always very happy to be back at home with our daughter and our dog and to have a relaxing weekend ahead of us.

Which trends will significantly influence fashion consumption behaviour in 2023 and why?
Corona has only really given the go-ahead for digitization. This can no longer be stopped and will also increase more and more in stationary retail. People will consume even more online.

The most important trends for next year?
Valentino pink will prevail in many womenswear collections and the glitter and glamour theme will continue for a while.

What’s your wish for the fashion industry?
That the sales cycles and deliveries don't start even earlier. Also that we can continue to count on the 4 seasons despite the climate crisis.