Catherine Hammick takes care of all social media matters at PREMIUM GROUP. Having moved from London to Berlin some years ago, she has discovered the city as a loyal bicycle rider! Find out her favourite places below:

Home is...

Volkspark Friedrichshain. I live directly by the park so it feels like I am somewhat in nature but only 10 mins from Mitte. It’s perfect.

How long have you lived in Berlin...

I moved here three years ago from London and really love it. My mum is German so I wanted to explore my roots. I do miss my family and friends though!

I am a loyal customer to...

Every weekend you will find me in Fine Bagels Berlin. It’s a cafe in an English bookshop on Warschauer Strasse. I either order their insane chocolate brownie or a cookie. I love reading so I like to browse their ‚new in’ book selection.

The latest you have ever stayed up?

I’m not very ‚Berlin’ as it's not so often past 2 am. I think that can be quite disappointing for my friends that come and visit...

Where did you buy your last shoes?

Converse store in Mitte two years ago.

Best place to spend the Berlin summer days...

I love the long rides with my bike to the lakes to meet my friends where I can spend the whole afternoon in and out of the water, eating lots of watermelon. PERFECT!

Favourite restaurant?

I love New Arirang. The best Korean BBQ ever!!! Or my local Vietnamese place!

What makes Berlin so special...

I like that Germany, on a whole, has a healthier approach to life, living standards and sustainability. Coming from London, it gave me the breathing space that I needed but still with that big city feeling. And I LOVE how bike friendly it is!

What’s your perfect day in Berlin?

Waking up and getting a coffee at a local cafe then heading on a long bike ride out to the lake. It’s really hot in Berlin right now so there is definitely a theme here.

Kebab or Currywurst?

100% kebab. It’s one of the best parts of coming home after a night out.

Your biggest extravagance?

Investing in health. Im a sucker for overpriced sport classes and cannot go without regular accupuncture...

Your form of transport?

I am obsessed with my bike. Rain or snow, I will bike.

Favourite store?

I really love the vibe at Goodhood store in London and I am a huge fan of the beauty store Space NK (also London). I am yet to find my favourite store in Berlin. I

Tips on surviving Fashion Week…

I literally throw myself into sports the months before. I am probably running in the park, playing tennis at Tennis Freunde or taking classes at Becyle. During Fashion Week I am super busy creating content for our social media channels so you won’t find me partying, more so behind the computer or phone. I survive purely because of our awesome team and my family who are great cheerleaders.

What are you looking forward to most at our next trade show…

Meeting with the brands and buyers who I have been exchanging emails and calls with before the show as well as working on producing lots of great content together with our team. I am also looking forward to checking out the outside area of SHOW&ORDER X PREMIUM which is being taken over by BRONX as well as welcoming our sustainable brands in Hall 3.

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