PREMIUM Young Talent

JANUARY, 2019 Promoting new talents is as much a part of the PREMIUM platform as established brands and big names. Emerging designers need the support and know-how to successfully persist on a highly competitive market. PREMIUM therefore honors promising fashion creatives with the PREMIUM Young Talent Award. This season’s leading theme – focus – also plays into this season’s decision: one winner, one distinct message.


Breaking up binary gender roles, questioning the status quo and freeing yourself from society-imposed stereotypes – the Berlin-based label DAMUR’s intentions are far from simply making beautiful clothes. In 2015, Taiwanese Designer Shih-Shun Huang founded his ready-to-wear label, merging classical garment techniques with the latest methods in textile science. The collections focus on unconventional denim pieces that stand out in cut and intriguing detailing.

The Autumn/Winter 2019 episode 005, which will be presented at PREMIUM in January, goes by the title #thisisTRANS. The designer taps the globally much discussed debate of gender categorization, stating: „no one is fully one thing, unlike the generalized labels of modern society suggest.“ The collection is a play of contrasts and ambiguity and challenges our identity.

Berlin also serves as a reference and the freedom-seeking attitude of the city is very evident in the collections. DAMUR is part of the Fashion Council Germany as well as the DACH Showroom, participating in a future-oriented, progressive vision of German fashion.